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Top 5 Things to Make your Boutique Hotel Stand Out

Boutique Hotels – It’s Good to be SmallTop 5 Things to Make your Boutique Hotel Stand Out  Sometimes being small has its advantages. While bigger hotels and those part of chains may have greater access to marketing budgets, staff and onsite facilities in general, boutique hotels can be smart too about how they attract weddings.

The New Wedding Couple

The concept of the "traditional" couple in their 20's, big white wedding is declining. Here we examine the "new couples" including same sex and older couples to identify some trends and share tips on how Venues can service them.

Is Brexit a big worry? Seven top tips to help combat Brexit……

Many of our cross-border hotels are concerned about the impact Brexit is having or will have on their wedding bookings over the coming months and years. We already know that tourism numbers from the UK (Ireland’s largest source of tourism) are down. These are largely being offset by the increase in the number of US and domestic tourists but that isn’t transferrable to the wedding industry unfortunately.

Is your Wedding Venue GDPR ready?

With 25th May looming, compliance with GDPR has to be on the minds of most hoteliers and venue owners. At WeddingDates, we have been reviewing our obligations under the new regulation. This Blog is my take out of how it relates to this industry having gone through training and an internal audit with a GDPR Consultant for our business.